The Annual Lodge Pass (ALP) is intended to encourage ATC members to spend more nights in ATC SnowSports Lodge at any time of the year. For the modest ALP fee, the member can book and stay for as many nights as they wish over the 12 months from April 1st to March 31st each year.

It must be purchased on or before May 31st in the year that it is to be used for.

There is no restriction on which nights can be booked – as long as the booking results in the ALP Holder staying in ATC SnowSports Lodge on those nights.

Adult member                                      $200 GST included

Junior member                                     $100 GST included

Child accompanying adult member    $50 GST included

Family (2 adults and their children)      $500 GST included

The ALP will be able to be purchased via John Dalley  (09) 827 4325 or email, from March 1st each year for the year commencing April of that year.

Please see this as a way to encourage you and your family to spend more time at Mt Ruapehu, and also as a real incentive for your friends and acquaintances also to have a great time away very economically, once they have signed up as an ATC member. The mountain is a really special place and we all need to visit it more often through all the seasons.

It is also a very tangible way for you to express your support for the ATC’s continued location in the Mt Ruapehu area. Our questionnaire results from 2013 indicated a strong sentiment to retain the Lodge, but now we all need to use it more and support it financially.


  1. The ALP is only available to an ATC fully financial member at the time the ALP is purchased.
  2. The ALP is not available to members of other organisations who may be affiliated with the ATC unless they also become members of ATC.
  3. The ALP is issued to a named individual on receipt of the full payment amount
  4. The ALP can only be used by the named individual – the “ALP Holder”
  5. The ALP is not transferable
  6. Once paid, the ALP fee is not refundable, other than at the sole discretion of the ATC Committee
  7. All nights must be booked through the published ATC SnowSports Lodge booking procedure
  8. The ALP number must be provided when making a booking
  9. The ALP provides the overnight accommodation only
  10. The standard per night catering-only fee additionally applies when booking for catered nights
  11. If a booked night is not going to be used, this must be advised as soon as possible through the published cancellation procedure
  12. The ALP Holder acknowledges that the ALP is a privilege of being an ATC member, with the intent to encourage increased usage of ATC SnowSports Lodge for the benefit of themselves, and for the ATC as a whole
  13. It is not acceptable that an ALP Holder will book a lot of nights and then cancel or not turn up for a significant number of those nights. This is unfair to other users who might as a result be unable to make a definite booking. As an example, booking 3 visits and only going once is likely to cause a review by the ATC Committee of whether this is an acceptable use of the ALP.
  14. If it considers that an ALP Holder is using the ALP in an unacceptable manner, the ATC Committee, under recommendation from the ATC SnowSports Booking Officer or other officer involved in the operation of the ATC SnowSports Lodge, has the authority to cancel an ALP or request additional payment from the ALP Holder or take any other remedial action.
  15. Any such decision by the ATC Committee is final and binding on the ALP Holder.
  16. Any cancellation of an ALP will also result in all future ATC SnowSports Lodge bookings for that ALP to be cancelled.
  17. An ALP will be cancelled if the member ceases to be a financial member of the ATC.